Zetechtics API 17D Class 5 Torque Analyser

  • Simple set up and operation
  • Highly accurate
  • Rugged design
  • 3000m (sea water) rated
  • When used with Jupiter software, allows integrated auto calibration functionality
  • Stand-alone or integrated verification
  • Seamless integration with Zetechtics manufactured Jupiter Class 5 Torque Tool
  • Capable of operating with other Class 5 Torque Tool’s systems
  • Maximum interface torque 0 ± 6780N.m (5,000lbf.ft)


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The Zetechtics Jupiter™ Subsea Torque Tool Control Systems led to the development of a range of stand-alone battery powered Torque Verification Systems (TVS). The systems are available in both subsea and deck specific configurations and interface with standard torque tools or project specific tooling.

The Deck TVS is designed for use in workshops and on a ship’s deck (typically). The industry standard Norbar TTL-HE (Harsh Environment) display instrument provides a powerful and comprehensive user interface and a system that is protected against water jets / temporary immersion. This system can be interfaced with a Jupiter Torque Tool Control System to calibrate the torque tool.