Welaptega 3D Modelling (3DM)

3DM uses advanced photogrammetry to quantify the geometry of subsea components. The system is deployed offshore by our specialised team of engineers to generate dimensionally-accurate models.We can measure overall component dimensions; linear and angular offsets; radius of curvature; cross-sectional areas; depths, widths and heights and volume of material. Our models can be exported for finite element analysis (FEA).



  • 3DM is non-destructive
  • Data is collected while components are in water and operating
  • Minimal ROV time required – component surfaces require only basic cleaning and little setup
  • Flexible subsea deployment – 3DM can be deployed by work class or eyeball ROVs as well as divers or rope-access technicians
  • High-quality results – useful in all phases of incident response including identification, evaluation, assessment, and repair
  • Data can be exported into formats compatible with finite element analysis, 3D drafting programs or 3D printing