Tiger ROV 10.0t Chain Block

Ideal for subsea ROV lifing operations, the hydraulic Tiger ROV 10.0t chain block assembly can be used to lift up to 10 tonnes via the tiger chain block when supplied with a maximum 210bar hydraulic supply via the hot stab. The assembly is uniquely designed so that the strong stainless steel handle offers maximum flexibility and connection points for the manipulators to hold and operate safely.

10 tonne (3 falls) capacity chain block, chained up to project specific heights of lift (H.O.L) that can be pre-set to meet the exact starting point required within the rigging drawings.




  • Patented quad cam pawl system
  • 4 point manipulator connection points
  • Full individual spares back up
  • Fully corrosion protected
  • Stainless steel 316 framework and handle
  • Heavy duty flexible chain bag
  • Balanced design for easy handling and installation
  • Hand wheel feature for on-deck
    height of lift adjustments
  • Each unit is fully tested and certified before delivery
  • Proven subsea brake design
  • One-piece brake chamber cover
  • Compact and light weight
  • Marine specific friction discs