Teledyne CDL MiniPlexer

  • Up to 8 channels
  • RS232 inputs/outputs
  • RS4485, RS422 link
  • Long range 3km
  • Selectable baud rates
  • Very compact
  • Low power
  • Housed or OEM




The CDL MiniPiexer solves your sensor integration problems when you have more signals to transmit than available copper conductors.

The CDL MiniPiexer is a compact low power board set designed to transfer data from up to 8 separate RS232 channels over a single 115k baud data channel. For ROVs and other applications where umbilical’s are used, this greatly increases the efficiency of data transfer, cuts down on umbilical cords needed, and reduces umbilical weight, size and cost.

The MiniPiexer works by combining all the channel data into a single stream of compressed data packets. This means that the link itself does not have to run at excessive data rates and makes reliable transmission over several kilometres of copper umbilical achievable.

MiniPiexer is available in an OEM format, unpackaged, and ready to be installed inside your own housing, with direct internal wiring to the card.

It is also available pre-packaged. The subsea end is supplied in a housing with underwater connectors, power supplies and fuses. The surface end is supplied in a 2U rack with 9-pin d-type connectors and status LEOs for each channel.

CDL sensors and instruments have an RS232 interface and a comprehensive survey or inspection sensor package comprising COL products can be run over a single copper data link.