Sound Metrics ARIS Explorer 3000 Sonar

  • Dual frequency operation: 3.0MHz and 1.8MHz
  • High-definition imagery
  • Capable of close range imaging
  • Dynamic focus
  • Built in compass and depth gauge
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low power requirement
  • Easy integration
  • Ethernet interface
  • Windows based software




Designed for coastal profiling, the CastAway-CTD incorporates a 6-electrode conductivity cell, coupled with a fast response thermistor to provide highly accurate, high resolution CTD measurements to depths of 100 m. Now Integrated with HYPACK!

The CastAway-CTD is a small, rugged and technically advanced CTD designed for profiling to depths of up to 100m. The system incorporates modern technical features which allow it to achieve a 5 Hz response time, fine spatial resolution and high accuracy. It uses a six electrode flow-through conductivity cell with zero external field coupled with a rapid response thermistor to attain high measurement accuracies. The instrument is simple to deploy, does not require a pump and is hydrodynamically designed to free fall rate of 1 m/s.

The integrated real-time data display screen, internal GPS sensor and automated wireless data transfer are unique features that simplify data collection.