Pistol Grip Camera & Light Brackets

Model CT9010 (Standard)

  • For body diameter: 40 – 60mm
  • Dimensions: 140 x 130 x 190mm
  • Weight: 845 grams


Model CT9012 (Miniature)

  • For body diameter: 28 – 32mm
  • Dimensions: 140 x 130 x 145mm
  • Weight: 780 grams



A useful alternative to helmet mounting brackets, the C-Tecnics hand-held grip allows the diver increased
manoeuverability and direction of the camera view and light path. The camera and light are clamped to the mounted ‘V’ blocks by stainless steel bands which can be adjusted to suit various diameters. The camera and light can then be used to gain a view into hard to reach locations through the reach of the diver. Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and hard anodised aluminium the hand grip is a robust yet lightweight accessory.