OceanTools DigiCP

  • Contact or Proximity mode
  • Simultaneous RS232 and RS485 outputs
  • Noise-immune
  • 1000m and 3000m depth ratings
  • Optional T-bar and springy fishtail handles




The OceanTools DigiCP system may be supplied with either a contact probe or a proximity probe.

Unlike conventional CP systems, the DigiCP digitises the analogue CP voltage subsea and transmits it to the surface via a twisted pair in the ROV umbilical or via a data multiplexer.

The subsea unit comprises a contact or proximity probe with a connecting cable plus a subsea housing containing the conversion electronics. Units are available in 1000m and 3000m depth ratings. RS232 and RS485 data is simultaneously available from the DigiCP.

On the surface, the data is displayed on a simple Windows based application (as shown below). The data may also be outputted to a data logger or to, for example, an OceanTools video overlay unit.