iXBlue Octans III

  • High performance real-time outputs of true heading, roll, pitch, heave, surge, sway, acceleration and rate of turn
  • No spinning element hence maintenance free
  • Lightweight corrosion free housing for water depth up to 3000m
  • Easy to integrate and interface, saves valuable mobilisation time




Rugged and shock resistant, the Octans III 3000 Fibre-Optic Gyrocompass from iXBlue is the only IMO survey grade Gyrocompass with an integrated motion sensor. In addition to the 3 solid-state fibre optic Gyrocompass and accelerometers, the Octans III provides perfect real-time Heave data thanks to its SAFE (Self-adaptive Filtered Estimated) Heave filter. The advantages of the Octans III are self evident: no speed, altitude or latitude restrictions and most importantly, it’s accurate no matter how high the waves are.