Forum Linear Actuator Override Tool (LAOT) 10.75inch

  • Range of interfaces
  • Up to 100t force
  • Range of strokes
  • Hydraulic set, mechanical locked
  • Manipulator or diver deployed




Linear actuator override tools are available in a range of loads up to 100 tonnes. The tool supplied usually comprises two parts, the locking head, and the actuator. The actuator
contains a hydraulically operated piston powered by an intensifier. Actuators can be supplied with hot stabs and check valves. The locking head is a purely mechanical device and is left behind on a subsea interface when the valve is required to be let over-ridden.

Interfaces available are ISO 13628-8 Type A, ISO 13628-8 Type B and customer specific two lug interface. A range of strokes are available to suit specific applications.