Forum Class 1-2 Utility Torque Tool (API 17D)

  • ISO 13628-8 fig 18 (API 17D) class 1-2
  • Max torque 160Nm / 120ft lbs
  • Dual sensor electronic turns counter
  • Internal strain gauge


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This torque tool has been specifically developed to provide the highest level of performance. It has integral torque and turns counting sensors for closed loop control. When matched with a PSS supplied torque tool control manifold, it can provide precise feedback on torque response of any subsea operation. These can alternatvly be utilised by connecting a PSSL universal subsea display, which would give a visual read-out of live torque feedback and/or turns counter. USD sold separately.

The tool conforms to the ISO 13628-8 fig 18 class 1-2 bucket interface used extensively in the subsea industry for valve overrides operated by ROV. The tool can also be supplied with a socket to operate paddle and t-bar style interfaces to ISO 13628-8 fig.13 (a), (b), (c).

The sensor section directly measures the torque between the reaction lugs of the tool and the driven shaft. The sensor is a strain gauge bridge optimised for torsion measurement.

When the tool is fitted with the paddle type socket, the torque reaction is taken through the manipulator handle but still measured by the sensor.