FMC Schilling Robotics RigMaster

  • Robust design
  • Long service life
  • Large operating envelope
  • Highest lift-to-weight ratio in its class
  • Interchangeable jaw configurations
  • Boom function extends arm length by 305mm / 12in
  • Standard depth rating of 6,500m / 21,325ft




For nearly every TITAN 4 manipulator in the market, there is a RigMaster supporting the mission. Its titanium construction makes it a durable and reliable in heavy work class missions.

The RigMaster is a five-function, rate-controlled, heavy-lift grabber arm that can be mounted on a wide range of subsea ROVs. It is engineered for the strength needed to withstand the industrys harsh and repetitive needs day after day. The grabber arm can be used to grasp and lift heavy objects or to anchor the ROV by clamping the gripper around a structural member at the work site.