DS ROV Pressure Washer Kit

The Deepsea Solutions ROV pressure washer kit is based on a field proven Dynaset 520 Bar high pressure washer pump in combination with a flange friendly acetal jetter nozzle holder.

• Dynaset pressure washer pump

• Hydraulic supply hoses (5m long)

• Y-strainer water inlet filter

• High pressure waster hose certified for up to 700 Bar (5m long)

• Acetal Jetter nozzle tool with Fishtail handle (others are available)

• Spot and flat cleaning nozzles (4 pcs.)

• All fitting and seals that are needed

• Transport case



The Dynaset is a compact fieldproven subsea pressure washer. All sizes available.


The kit comes with a flange friendly jetter nozzle that will not scratch surfaces when manipulated by the ROV. The Acetal Housing has orange centimetre increment markings on the side. This is done so that the tool can be used for scaling when taking pictures during cleaning operations. The tool is delivered with a spot and a flat nozzle. Other nozzle are available upon request.


The jetter nozzle holder can de delivered with a Fishtail, D and T-handle. It also has an angle 45 degree angle adapter for optimal nozzle angle, when the tool is placed inside the ROV manipulator.