Depth Cable

  • Insulated Core Diameter: 1.45mm
  • Overall Diameter: 5.5mm
  • Layed Up Size Of Cable: 2.6mm
  • R.T. PU Sheath: 1.45mm
  • Weight (air): 30Kg/Km
  • Weight (water): 5Kg/Km
  • Min. Bend Radius (static): 44mm
  • Min. Bend Radius (dynamic): 66mm
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C – 80°C
  • Working Voltage: 500 Volts
  • Max. Conductor Resistance: 92.4 Ohms/Km
  • Insulation Resistance (core to core): >500 M/Ohms/Km



The ultra-flexible yet robust Depth cable is compatible with the C-Depth Digital Depth Gauge and
connects seamlessly to the CD3010 Diver Depth Transducer to provide live depth data at the
surface. The small diameter of the cable allows easy integration into existing diving umbilical
bundles with minimal impact to the overall diameter and flexibility.