Ashtead Technology Manipulator Held Clutch Tool

  • Tool supplied with a calibrated torque wrench to allow accurate torque setting adjustment and pre-dive verification
  • Simple torque setting adjustment without the requirement to dismantle the tool
  • Lightweight construction and minimised tool length allow for easy ROV operation
  • Self-adjusting drive socket allows operations to be conducted on different valve classes without requiring to be reconfigured on deck
  • Fitted with torque resistant compliant mount
  • Plastic guidance nose for easy location into bucket


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The Manipulator Held Clutch Tool is designed to allow the ROV manipulator operation of API 17D, ISO 13628-8 Class 1-4 rotary torque interfaces. The tool limits the torque that can be transmitted from the ROV manipulator to the valve stem during an ROV intervention operation, mitigating against the possibility of excessive torque being applied, ensuring damage to the valve does not occur. The tool is fitted with an integral, adjustable torque limiting clutch which can be pre-set for torque ranges of 20 – 200 Nm. The front of the tool features a smart multi-socket interface which eliminates tool reconfiguration time on deck.