3 in 1 – DS Cobra Inspection Tool

The Cobra 3-in-1 inspection tool is an

ROV multitool that features a crisp

high definition color camera image,

combined with a separate powerful

LED light and a 520 bar high pressure

jetter nozzle, all in the same tool.


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The features

The I Cobra inspection tool consists of a camera, light and jetter solution from our preferred suppliers. It an be modified with a wide variety of cameras, lights and sensors, depending on customer preferences.

The 45 degree mechanical tilt function  can be manipulated subsea. The camera, light and HP jetter nozzle are integrated inside a protective Acetal  housing.

Cables and hoses are protected inside the tool body.

The cobra inspection tool can also be delivered with a protective polyurethane sleeve that covers the entire tool, to avoid scratches to subsea assets.



The CT3026 HD compact camera is an extremely compact, high definition colour camera which provides excellent distortion-free underwater images. The low light sensitivity coupled with high resolution combine to make an extremely versatile camera for close inspection work.


The The CT4006, LED light, is a compact and robust underwater LED light with an 1100 lumen output that can be used for lighting up any object during an inspection.


The high pressure jetter nozzle can be connected to any subsea high pressure washer. The tool comes with a variety of  detachable nozzles with different openings for the removal of different marine growths.


Type ROV Inspection tool
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1000mm * 76,2mm * (varies, depending on ROV handle)
Depth rating <3000 MSW *
Head angle 0-45 degrees
Material 316L, Acetal
Weight air 4 kg