2,7kNm Torque Tool Kit

Complete Class 1-4 Electrical Torque Tool System prepared for offshore
use and operation, includes El Torque Tool, Control Canister, cables,
class 2 and 4 sockets and control pc.




The Blue Logic Class 1-4 Electrical Torque Tool (ELTT) is a module based,
compact, flexible and robust precision tool for operation in all Subsea
and ROV applications.
The system combines all known advantages from a hydraulic torque tool
system with the technology and advantages available from a modern
servo based electrical controlled drive system. The included class 4 and
class 2 interface sockets are easy to change on deck prior to
deployment. The control system will automatically, detect socket and
tool gear ratio and automatically switch between Low torque and High
torque mode. The different sockets will automatically interface the gear
system to utilize the optimal gear ration and power/speed utilization.
The ELTT is designed for operation on ROV’s with minimum 5-10A 110
VAC of continuous power available. Maw allowed power consumption
can be limited in the ELTT control system setup. Max continuous current
consumption is 20A. The tool communicates through RS232 protocol.
The ELTT is connected to the ROV thru a 3,5mtr. oil filled yellow umbilical
connected to an electrical power control module mounted on the ROV

The system is delivered in an aluminum transport box size 800x600x600
for onshore and offshore handling.