2,7kNm Torque Tool Kit wInductive Connector

Rental kit with Class 1-4 torque tool with inductive Subsea
connector for easy ROV integration and subsea changeout.




The rental kit consisting of the Blue Logic electrical Torque Tool (ELTT)
with Subsea connector and Control PC (laptop). The electrical torque
tool is a compact, flexible ROV friendly torque tool system ideal for all
types of AUV and ROV operations. Integration and connection to any
ROV system is easy and flexible by use of Blue Logic inductive USB
connectors. USB Secondary side connector is included in the Torque Tool
assembly. USB Primary side connector is not included in this kit and must
be purchased or rented separately. Ref. Blue Logic art. no. BB3151 or
BB1170. The torque tool can be “hot” subsea connected and
disconnected subsea with full power an infinite number of times.

The Subsea USB connector ensures that the torque tool has ideal
working conditions and optimised efficiency (stable 325VDC) regardless
of ROV voltage and voltage fluctuations. The separate Power Supply
(BA7719) is connected between the USB primary connector and ROV
and handles 100-250VAC or 145-350VDC.

The Blue Logic Class 1-4 Electrical Torque Tool (ELTT) is module based,
compact, flexible, robust with high precision. The system combines the
advantages from a hydraulic torque tool system with the technology
and advantages available from a modern servo based electrical
controlled drive system. Interface sockets are replaceable on deck prior
to deployment to interface ISO Class 1-4 interfaces. The different
sockets will automatically interface the gear system to utilise the optimal
gear ration and power/speed capacity. The control system
automatically detects socket and gear ratio and will automatically switch
between Low torque and High torque mode. The ELTT is designed for
operation on ROV’s with minimum 5A 110VAC of continuous power
available. Maw allowed power consumption can be limited in the ELTT
control system setup. Max continuous current consumption is 20A. The
tool communicates through RS232 protocol. The ELTT is connected to
the ROV thru a 3,5 mtr. oil filled yellow umbilical connected to an
electrical power control module mounted on the ROV.

The system is delivered in an aluminum box with Pallet (800x600x770)
suitable for onshore and offshore handling.