Deepsea Solutions

Deepsea Solutions was established in 2021 as an independent specialist provider of components, tooling, design & solutions to the subsea industry.

The company is founded on many years of offshore operational experience from a wide range of ROV systems and related tooling. Our key strength is to solve underwater problems by applying that operational knowledge into a design and engineering environment, in combination with multidisciplinary technical competence. Our broad network of suppliers, engineers and designers allow us to be a single point of contact for operational customers that require assistance with almost any subsea task.

We are full of interesting and creative ideas!

Being able to think outside the box when facing complex challenges, while applying experience based creativity and technical knowledge, is many times the difference between success and failure. We truly belive that In most cases there are simple solutions to complex problems.

Meet our team

Our company in faces.
Magnus Lindberg

VP Business & Technology/Co-owner

Managing Director/Co-owner